New Wave Telco Boosts Acquisition with Real-Time Onboarding Optimization

Industry: Telecommunications

Client: Next-generation 5G telecom company aims to increase conversion to paying customers and reduce churn by automating marketing actions in intercepting existing customers.


Driven by an ambitious vision of acquiring 1 million subscribers in a year, this digitally-first telecom company launched an optimized e-commerce platform and streamlined B2C onboarding process. However, strict compliance requirements often led to delays or abandonment during the onboarding journey, hindering their progress. The company needed a fast and efficient way to identify and reconnect with potential customers at risk of dropping off.


The existing manual, outsourced solution for re-engagement proved unsustainable and inefficient. Identifying drop-off points and reconnecting clients quickly enough required a more sophisticated approach. Additionally, the company needed a future-proof solution that could integrate seamlessly with their existing marketing and sales infrastructure and handle the high volume of customer data accurately.


Insightarc's Buying Intent Engine provided the perfect answer. By integrating the solution with the company's e-commerce platform and marketing database, they were able to achieve the following:

  • Track customer behavior in real-time: Insightarc's privacy-first JS code connector captured every user's actions and intent during the onboarding process.
  • Predict purchase drop-offs: The engine's AI algorithms identified key indicators of potential abandonment, allowing for immediate intervention.
  • Trigger automated re-engagement: Upon identifying a likely drop-off, Insightarc pushed customer data to the company's marketing database, prompting real-time reconnection efforts through call center and targeted marketing campaigns.


The impact of implementing Insightarc's solution was significant:

  • A massive increase in customer acquisition: Over 25,000 new subscribers are acquired monthly, exceeding their ambitious target.
  • Enhanced customer conversion: Real-time re-engagement efforts successfully converted a substantial portion of drop-off visitors into paying customers.
  • Cost-effective and scalable: The solution eliminated the need for manual intervention and seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure, saving time and resources.


Retained new customers value: on average 2-3% retained daily. $0.5 million retained revenue monthly with open technological uplift 2X.

Insightarc solution ROI: 87x

Full project ROI: 50x

By leveraging Insightarc's Buying Intent Engine, this fast-growing telco company not only surpassed its acquisition goals but also built a future-proof system for scalable and automated onboarding optimization. This case study demonstrates the power of real-time behavioral data in driving efficient conversions and maximizing customer acquisition success.