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“Their AI technology illuminated several conversion challenges on the clients' websites that were previously hidden from our view. Our customer retention figures have seen a notable uptick since we incorporated their astute intercepting algorithms, which have played a pivotal role in propelling our client sales forward”
CEO, PCG, Stefanie

Insightarc is an AI assistant that builds shopping journeys pattern, predicts about-to-exit shoppers, and converts them into buyers.

The Program is for e-commerce agencies looking to expand their offerings and build expertise in Insightarc. Whether your expertise is CX, performance marketing, analytics, e-commerce, website content, website design, website development

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“Before, we heavily relied on manual analysis which often fell short, but thanks to Insightarc’s solution, we now efficiently decode hidden challenges in conversion rates and customer interactions. Insightarc’s AI algorithms have bolstered our client retention rates, leading to a substantial revenue increase.”
Founder, Performance Marketing Agency, Jesse

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