Personalized Retargeting in a Cookieless World for a Major Ad Network

Industry: Advertising / Digital Media

Client: Global Advertising platform delivers high-quality ad campaigns for clients via dynamic retargeting optimization on a privacy-first internet


A major ad network, generating 6 billion daily impressions, faced a challenge: personalizing retargeting for anonymous users in their pop-under ad format, especially with the potential cookie deprecation on the horizon. They sought a solution to maintain effective advertising for their merchants and reach new customers in a privacy-focused future.


The ad network aimed to reach underserved merchants who couldn't be targeted through traditional retargeting methods like Google Ads. They needed a way to identify and retarget anonymous website visitors effectively, ultimately connecting them with relevant merchants in economically effective manner.


The platform extends its cooperation with Insightarc in the continuation of the solution with the detection of visitor intents to ensure high-quality advertising campaigns. Algorithm Insightarc identifies the purchasing interest of an anonymous visitor to the website, along with the tendency to conversion actions. Recall that nothing is known about visitors who came through alternative traffic sources except their customer numbers. The interest of an anonymous customer in a particular product is used for retargeting in alternative advertising formats, where identification is not implied due to the impossibility of earlier.


The network implemented Insightarc's Buying Intent Engine to optimize retargeting in their pop-under format. This solution offered two key benefits:

  1. Intent Detection. Using advanced algorithms, Insightarc identified the purchase intent of anonymous website visitors, even without identifying them individually. This allowed the network to understand visitor behavior and purchase tendencies, ultimately connecting them with relevant merchants.
  2. Privacy-First Retargeting and offers personalization. Even without user identification, Insightarc's solution enabled personalized retargeting based on product interest. This allowed the network to deliver relevant ads for merchants while respecting user privacy.


  • Targeted campaigns saw a 17% increase in CTR, indicating a higher engagement rate with relevant ads.
  • Ad network stops showing non-relevant offers as now this data is revealed and available to optimize around.
  • The network could now enrich ad profiles with intent data, allowing them to offer complementary products and services to customers who showed interest in a specific category. Cross-sale rate turns to 1.4. The reduction of non-relevant impressions decreased to 20%.
  • As a consequence, targeted ad display and channel ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for e-commerce buyers increased by 230% vs traditional advertising channels like Google.

By offering privacy-compliant solutions for intent-based retargeting, Insightarc helps deliver high-quality, personalized ad experiences for merchants and their potential customers in the evolving digital advertising landscape.