Telco Tunes Up Acquisition with Insightarc's Contextual Retargeting

Industry: Telecommunications

Client: Mobile and fiber-internet telecommunications company aiming to stay ahead of the competition in hyper-personalized marketing and insights into customer behavior.


Fueled by an ambitious goal of doubling the number of new subscribers in a year, a challenging telecommunications company launched a streamlined e-commerce platform and B2C onboarding process. This case study explores how a leading telco tackled this issue by leveraging Insightarc's context-driven retargeting solution. The results: Reduced churn, boosted conversions, and significant revenue growth.


Traditional retargeting efforts lack personalization and return visitors to specific products due to the growing number of anonymous, non-identified visitors. The company needed a solution to address both challenges and recapture potential customers with personalized approaches while future-proofing their strategy for a privacy-focused internet.


Insightarc's Buying Intent Engine stepped in, offering a context-driven approach.

Instead of relying on generic retargeting, the telco partnered with Insightarc for a hyper-personalized approach. How it works. Every visitor's journey – from exploring specific device models and colors to considering upsells and choosing plan settings – was meticulously tracked. All the predictions of of hesitation or abandonment during the upsell process were noted and intent data with visitor ID was pushed to the marketing database. Their specific purchase intent (think: iPhone 14 Pro Max, blue, premium data) landed instantly in the marketing database.

Important, Insightarc didn't just create generic segments, . They used AI to craft dynamic micro-segments based on each visitor's unique behavior and intent. This meant no more blasting everyone with the same offer. Instead, the telco could deliver laser-focused campaigns like:

  • AI-powered insights: Leveraged AI algorithms to analyze behavior and predict potential abandonment, enabling proactive intervention.
  • Micro-segmentation: Created highly targeted segments based on individual behavior, not just demographics.
  • Personalized retargeting: Triggered targeted campaigns (email, website ads, call center outreach) based on these micro-segments, delivering relevant offers and addressing specific concerns.


The result is Hyper-relevant messages and offers that resonate deeply with potential customers, bringing them back and boosting conversions. And since the entire process relied on website behavior, not cookies, it was future-proof and privacy-compliant.

  • Reduced Churn. By re-engaging drop-off users with personalized messages, the telco saw a clients reconnection.
  • Conversion Boost. Targeted retargeting campaigns significantly increased conversion rates, converting hesitant visitors into paying customers.
  • Revenue Growth. Combined, these factors led to a remarkable rise in overall revenue growth.


Insightarc solution ROI: 51x

Full project ROI: 23x

Branded repetitive visitors' CTR on personalized ads grew by 22%

This case study proves that Insightarc's hyper-personalized retargeting empowers telecom companies to turn website drop-offs into loyal customers. By harnessing real-time behavior data and AI-powered insights, they can deliver micro-targeted campaigns that resonate deeply, ultimately reducing churn and driving significant revenue growth. This future-proof solution ensures telecoms can thrive even in a cookie-less world.