Cookieless personalization for anonymous shoppers on the fly

Our AI intercepts about-to-exit shoppers with personalized offers turning anonymous shoppers into customers before exit. Reduce revenue leakage in the privacy-first mode.

Same budget, more customers on autopilot
Insightarc learns the on-site customer journey model. Algorithm discovers conversion blockers from a shopper perspective
Even if shopper is not logged-in, AI tracks product intent and predicts about-to-exit shoppers
AI intercepts anonymous shoppers with personalized offer based on current session product interest. Autopilot 24/7.

Instant on-site personalization for anonymous shoppers

Context-driven personalization for non-logged in, and about-to-exit shoppers. Typically, 20% more shoppers are converted to buyers

AI-powered Behavior Modeling
X-ray on on-site customer journeys and blockers from shoppers perspective to avoid blockers and hyper-personalize offers
Visitor Behavior Prediction
Hyper-personalize marketing efforts. Convert engaged shoppers before exit with hyper-personalized offers through your marketing stack
“InsightArc has been a game changer for our e-commerce business. Their Generative AI technology has helped us to identify and address conversion issues that we didn't even know existed. We've seen a significant increase in additional customers grow since implementing their intercepting algorithms, which has been instrumental in driving sales”
VP Digital, Foley Wine Brands, Pamela Talevsky

Simple connection

No need to change your existing marketing toolset. Seamlessly connect your website and marketing toolset you use with Insightarc. Tech support included. Minimal time required to get sales on autopilot.

Choose the right plan for you
Save 30%
Tier 1. Starter
E-commerce revenue USD 0-5 M
  • AI-powered sales copilot
  • Conversion frictions & behavior insights
  • Powerful automated connector. No need to call developers. 1-minute setup
  • Engineering support to integrate Insightarc into a real-time marketing system or deploy a solution for you.
Tier 2. Medium
E-commerce revenue USD 6-20 M
  • AI-powered sales copilot
  • Behavior model of your site
  • Hidden Customer Journey Discovery with conversion pitfalls
  • One master account – invite teammates to work together
  • Powerful automated connector. No need to call developers. 1-minute setup
  • Dedicated engineering team to support specific marketing automation stack
  • Multiple e-commerce shops in one dashboard
Tier 3. Predictable Growth
E-commerce revenue over USD 21 M
  • Individual pricing based on the task and technology stack
  • Power of prediction AI to convert shoppers about-to-exit
  • Hyper-personification of communication toolset: popups. chats, emails
  • Real-time behavior insights for personalized marketing messages
  • Access to powerful API to support DWH and marketing automation
  • A single interface for multiple websites and international projects. Gain conversion insights into all of them at the same time
  • Cross-domains visitor's ID to enrich customer journey insights
  • AI-powered shopping recommendations based on journey interest
  • Unlimited shoppers' events
  • Instances for cross-team collaboration
  • Dedicated technical support team
  • Exclusive feature: Open access to the behavior model for generative AI tools around your commerce