Champions of DTC conversion insights

SaaS that uses Customer Journey discovery to show key behavioral insights and convert more shoppers into customers, saving countless hours of analysis

Optimize your traffic and conversion efforts to:
Site visitors not completing purchasing funnel, but can’t pinpoint the reason
Insufficient time or knowledge for deep analytics and root cause analysis
Paid traffic is not converting into sales, impacting your ROAS

eCommerce loses 90% leads. 10% can be easily fixed and turned into Sales

Insightarc can automate it for you

Visualize the real customer journey
Understand how customers interact with your website and discover pitfalls without manual analysis
Identify growth opportunities
Streamline path to purchase to boost conversion

One-click connection

Seamlessly integrate your data with Insightarc. No need to call developers or install an SDK. Minimal time required.

Choose the right plan for you
Save 30%
Free audit
Pilot offer for DTC marketers who want to experience the benefits of conversions pitfalls discovery

Free audit of your eCommerce site. Just book a demo.

DTC Brand
Good for growing eCommerce DTC business and digital marketers
  • One master account – invite shareholders to work together
  • Powerful automated connector. No need to call developers. 1-minute setup.
  • Unlimited visitor events collection
  • Several interfaces in one dashboard. Perfect for the Headless CMS method
Growing eCommerce
Fine for marketing and data teams at midsize eCommerce companies and digital agencies
  • Instances for different teams
  • Access to powerful API to support DWH
  • Unlimited visitor events
  • A single interface for all landing sites and international projects. Gain conversion insights into all of them at the same time.
  • Full Customer support