Global Advertising Platform Adapts to a Post-Cookie Reality

Industry: Advertising / Digital Media

Client: Global Advertising platform Continue to deliver high-quality ad campaigns for clients on a privacy-first internet


With impending limitations on 3rd party data and cookies, the future of advertising faces a dramatic shift. This leading global advertising platform, with a diverse portfolio of ad products for e-commerce and information websites, needed a way to adapt and maintain the quality of its ad targeting in a post-cookie internet.


The looming disappearance of cookies posed a significant challenge for the platform. Without access to traditional browsing data, the ability to learn visitor intent, maintain relevant traffic, and guarantee ad campaign effectiveness was at stake. The platform needed a cost-effective and scalable solution to address these challenges and stay ahead of the curve.


The platform opted for Insightarc's Buying Intention Engine, a powerful tool that tracks visitor behavior and predicts purchasing intent in real time. By integrating Insightarc's js code into their existing website connector and connecting their data mining platform (DMP) to Insightarc's API, the platform gained valuable insights into:

Visitor Intent: Insightarc tracks every visitor across all websites served by the ad network, capturing their in-session behavior and predicting their buying intent. This allows the platform to:

  • Match visitors to the right websites: By understanding a visitor's intent, the platform can match them with websites that are most likely to be relevant and convert.
  • Improve traffic quality: By sending only qualified traffic to specific websites, the platform reduces bounce rates and increases conversion rates for advertisers.
  • Identify conversion blockers: Insightarc also analyzes website behavior to identify any potential blockers that prevent visitors from converting. This information can be used to optimize website design and improve the overall conversion rate.


By implementing Insightarc's solution, the advertising platform achieved:

  • Enhanced Traffic Quality: Improved relevance and conversion rates for clients and advertisers.
  • Cost-effectiveness and Scalability: The solution seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure and scaled easily to serve hundreds of thousands of websites.
  • Future-proof Solution: By relying on behavioral data instead of cookies, the platform is well-prepared for the post-cookie future.

This case study demonstrates how leading advertising platforms like this can leverage innovative solutions like Insightarc's Buying Intention Engine to overcome the challenges of a cookie-less future and continue to deliver high-quality ad campaigns for their clients.