What we are doing here

Who we are

I’m Sergey, the founder, and CEO of Insightarc, a B2B SaaS that enables product and data teams to automate customer journey discovery and localization of customer pitfalls and underlying reasons. Insightarc saves hundreds of hours per team for manual user cases research for product growth, conversion rates and sales boost. OR empowers midsize and growing brands with an advanced Conversion Rate Optimization approach using only bu the large brands.

We mostly work with eCommerce operations and all service environments around eCommerce like delivery (last mile) service, payments, customer support, and sales call centers.

I have two founding partners Andrey CTO and Nikita CPO.

How we do it

We are building an analytical engine capable of extracting and analyzing in real-time an array of user events. The result of an analysis presented in our dynamic user transition map with all process loss and issues marked.

Both engine and canvas map deployed and distributed as a Cloud Service without any engineering complexities to use. No host-to-host integrations. No data science environment deployed is needed.

The requirements are an existing set of product analytics. It could be just a web analytics platform such as Google Analytics 4, or HotJar.

Or it could be a data pipeline process built. And in that case, we could make deliver much significant impact on the efficiency of product and data teams.

##Why do we do that product. Vision

50% of eCommerce companies face the issue of knowledge about bottlenecks and conversion drain points.

71% and 57% of retailers implement vendor solutions to resolve conversion rate issues and retain existing customers relatively.


Magento.com report about Internet_Retailer_Leading_Vendors 2020

Those issues can not be resolved in traditional analytics due to limitations in computing capabilities and visual components. Those tasks could be resolved only via user interactions analytics with graph representation, as the only way to link together an array of tables and identify common points.

We want to democratize and simplify the advanced analytics for daily usage by any ecommerce manager, marketing team or product analyst.

We want to help any ecommerce company to use advanced analytics and customer journey analytics automation without extra budgets on data-infrastructure and analytical departments to grow conversions and sales