Strengthen digital service offers with personalized insights about customer web-product

Year over year, selling digital marketing services is becoming a more and more challenging task. And there are a number of reasons.

Sooner or later, any service becomes a commodity, and that's what happened with digital marketing services over the last few years. Generally speaking, marketing agencies and consultants sell more or less similar marketing packages containing conversion rate optimization, web development, web analysis, and user experience design.

Clients purchasing marketing services want their specific marketing challenges to be solved; they don’t want general suggestions on how to improve their overall marketing performance. The pandemic has accelerated the trend: most businesses, even SMEs and local businesses have to undergo digital transformation and become as creative as possible to create a digital customer experience that is both helpful and stands out from the competition. And that's where marketing agencies can be beneficial to their clients.

However, agencies have another challenge: suggesting handy solutions requires extensive research and the involvement of expensive domain experts. Smaller marketing agencies usually lack these resources. Product research usually takes at least 50 working hours, even for high-level professionals. For smaller agencies, it can take more time to run such an analysis. As a result, they have to offer an attractive contract price while either skipping deep research or wasting project resources.
As a result, smaller agencies can hardly compete with larger agencies that possess more significant financial and human resources. A big challenge for them is that the contract price should be specified without any marketing analysis designed to identify their clients' customer pain points. Consequently, smaller agencies are in a complicated situation where they have to run sophisticated analyses based on data from multiple sales and marketing analytical tools (for example, in industries like e-commerce, online business, and SaaS). Most frequently, they do it manually and waste significant financial resources on the project. However, clients are quite often aware of the challenges in their product, and they are eager to build an experience that delivers value according to how customers behave. And that's where the agency's work starts, and where customers expect agencies to find appropriate answers.

So how do digital marketing agencies currently sell their services?

Most of the agencies tend to use the list of practices which include:

  • Case studies
  • References
  • Proved agency employees expertise in specific domains
  • Building trust-based relationships with customers

All of the mentioned approaches do not add to the agency's bottom line at the end of the day. Moreover, they do not help to understand the actual customer pain points without costly research.

It's also important to mention, that maintaining and building customer relationships in times of pandemics is a tough challenge, as businesses have to refuse the approaches such as offline events and meetings they are accustomed to. At the same time, clients are now more open to remote negotiations, which is suitable for a selling process.

However, on the whole, the mentioned approaches (case studies, references, and others) don't help as it's expected in the sales process, as well as in building relationships with customers. In this situation, customers can choose to switch from one agency to another easily, and that's why selling becomes even more challenging.

In this case, the solution will be to obtain quick insights about the client's products and demonstrate their bottlenecks and various challenges in the product, which require solving as soon as possible.

How to stand out from the crowd with the Insightarc solution.

It's evident that digital marketing agencies need new MarTech solutions allowing them to discover, visualize and analyze user events obtained from web analytics tools (for example, Google Analytics), backend software logs, CRM or offline events, and therefore compete in the market with well-defined customer journey maps. These solutions should help them define their customers' pain points without getting insights from expensive data science tools. 99% of marketing agencies do not have this kind of expertise. It's vital to utilize solutions that identify pain points and bottlenecks, visualize a customer journey map, and form a pool of hypotheses without spending money on high-priced professionals.

The Insightarc solution will help to make the market more efficient:

  • Agencies will earn more on their contracts, as they will be able to waste less valuable time and financial resources on market monitoring and selling a solution to actual customer pain points.
  • Agencies’ clients will see growth in conversions and return on investments. All market participants will eagerly work together for extended periods of time. At the same time, the costs of searching for clients and agencies will be drastically reduced.
  • Agencies will be able to identify pain points even before a client starts thinking about them. As a result, an agency can effortlessly get contracts while showing specific domain expertise. And that's what it's all about: agencies will profit from offering products to clients, not just services. Clients will know you’re monitoring potential issues while they are sleeping. Isn't that a sign of your professional expertise and customer focus?

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